by designing these t-shirts, twenty percent of the proceeds are going to the SDCC (Student Debt Crisis Center). As a first-generation college graduate, our St. Louis based designer Leonard Stewart, Jr. comprehends the impact of student loans through first-hand experience. Borrowers seek out a way to achieve the American Dream that is just that, merely a dream, given this time period we live in. Borrowers are faced with a net worth in the negative as soon as they walk across the stage. This puts a hold on life for the future of America as this delays the ability to purchase a home, car, start a family, etc. The "Great Equalizer" has become the "Great Divider."

The average student loan debt is $39,351 and there are currently 43.2 million borrowers and 2.6 million of these borrowers owe $100,000 or more. Student debt makes up 29.8% of total Federal assets, this is about 11 times larger than the 2.8% for the Total Mortgages outstanding and 3 times the size of Taxes Receivables at 9.8%. While the Biden administration has expanded existing loan forgiveness programs for borrowers who work in the public sector, those who were defrauded by for-profit colleges, and borrowers who are now permanently disabled, there is still a significant amount of future lawmakers, doctors, engineers, designers, etc. in debt 


"We are a nonprofit organization that fights hard on two fronts: one, working directly with borrowers to help them navigate the bewildering and frustrating loan repayment system – and two, advocating for lasting and meaningful change through advocacy work and the lobbying of national and state legislators."

SDCC does not endorse any product or service.