an exploration in design for the future.

In 2019, SSTEW3 was founded by Leonard Stewart, Jr. This label is softening fashion's blow on our environment through fashion design. With fashion being among the top ten most polluting industries in the world, SSTEW3 accepts the challenge to stop pollution in fashion. SSTEW3 is a theoretical chemical formula (hence the use of the SS₃ logo) that breaks down textiles to create new garments and/or produce new garments that can be recycled or biodegrade after its use has run out.

Mr. Stewart is a St. Louis native who is heavily influenced by art, film, hip-hop, and technological innovations. Stewart graduated from Cornell College, where he earned a Bachelor's in Business Management. Stewart declined his acceptance to a two-year marketing program at the Parsons School of Design after his design work gained acceptance in the network of billion-dollar companies and other A-list platforms early on.


Stewart is a creative entrepreneur who is on a mission to sustain SSTEW3 as a global fashion house functioning off of innovations that reserve the environment.