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It began with preparation and a window of opportunity, our designer wanted to start their own label, and so they did during undergrad at Cornell College. Continuing this path, they took a costume construction course under Prof. Jenny Kelchen. Using the skills acquired in class, they earned an internship at the Saint Louis Fashion Fund. With the Fund's position in the garment district of St. Louis, the Fashion Fund is revitalizing what St. Louis used to be when it came to fashion.


Educating the youth, and hosting the likes of Andre Leon Talley & Diane Von Furstenburg in St. Louis for community gatherings influences a new generation of designers and urges fashion retail businesses to further develop in the city which aligns with the Fund's vision.

In aiding that vision, our designer became the teaching assistant of Jo Flannery, who was tasked with teaching senior students how to create mood boards, conceptualize, cut, sew, and, present their work within a week.

As the professor's aide, our designer went through the motions of the program as well while teaching a few students how to distress denim. They took this opportunity to express their talents using garments under the label’s name. Using a denim-on-denim outfit to display their work alongside the students, they went on to pitch what would become the main concept in their work; "recycle textiles to save the environment." After all of the students presented their work to an audience filled with parents, friends, and board members of the Fashion Fund. Cheryl Dimauro was moved enough to display all of the garments presented on the sales floor of Neiman Marcus in Plaza Frontenac and this included SSTEW3.

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