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Courtesy of Kendall Hurns (multi-hyphenate artist and socialite), our designer gained an opportunity to intern under himself and Hebru Brantley with Hebru Brand Studios where he mentored them on effective brand building and managing brand equity.

Hebru Brantley is a multi-disciplined artist who uses his characters "FlyBoy" & "Lil Mama" as a vehicle to drive his narrative on diversity and inclusion of people of color in the arts, his creativity and work ethic have attracted brands and figures like Hublot and BAPE to name a few.

Aside from mentorship, our designer took on the role of a Product Development intern and assisted with Hebru's Nevermore Park art experience. From breaking down Hebru's figurines for a deconstructive aesthetic to occasional merchandising, they gained an inclusive experience within the realm of Hip-Hop in Chicago.

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